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You may have heard it referred to as Night Pack, Stealth Pack, Black Edition, Black Badge, Dechrome or even, as the Instagrammers like to call it ‘Murdered Out’.

Many cars have chrome trims, grills, badges etc and its our preference to have them all black.
Our black packs can be as little as changing the colour of your badges, through to a full dechrome right up to a satin, gloss or matte black wrap.

Vinyl wraps, window, headlight and tail light tinting, replacing or colouring badge, dechroming of window surroundings and many more.


Our services vary in size, and they all come with the same promise of highest quality, attention to detail and durability.

Many people in the automotive trade & car enthusiasts consider this chrome trim to be an outdated design trend, so a chrome delete allows car owners to get a more modern aesthetic for their vehicle.

VW Golf Black Out
BMW Black Out
Mercedes Black Out

Protection: Dechroming (“Chrome Delete”) can also be used to protect the factory chrome, rather than getting rid of it. This prevents the chrome from fingerprints and potential damage.

Heat reduction: Dechroming (“Chrome Delete”) can be used to keep door handles and other parts of the exterior cooler during the hot summer months.

Custom appearance: Dechroming (“Chrome Delete”) is a great way to customize the appearance of your vehicle and get a look that is all yours.

BYD Black out
BYD Black out
BYD Black out
Audi black out.jpg
Audi black out.jpg
Audi black out.jpg
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