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Car Color Change Auckland

What’s a Paint Job?

Paint jobs either restore the original paint of the auto body or change the overall color. First, the body is completely cleaned and degreased then sanded down. An additional cleaning prepares the surface for painting. A single color is painted with a sprayer device to evenly coat the surface of the vehicle. Once all coats have been applied and dried, the body is treated with a clear coat.

A fresh paint job can make a car look like it did the day it first drove off the lot. 

Car Paint
Car Color Change

What is Vinyl Wrap?

With a car wrap, custom fit decals cover parts of the auto body to transform the vehicle’s appearance. Each piece is carefully applied followed by a heat treatment to activate the adhesive and seal the bond to the auto body. The decals make no change to the auto paint itself and they can be removed to revert back to the original color.

Beyond the standard glossy finish, the graphic displays can be enhanced with gradient color, chrome metallic color, or an understated matte color. Decals can be customized however you like to make the appearance your very own.

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A car serves as part of a persona. Bold colors and novel designs make a big statement you can take on the road to make a lasting impression before many pairs of eyes.

Mass-produced vehicles have a limited color palette, so we get used to seeing the same colors over and over again. We change it up because we seek attention, either for personal or promotional reasons.

For changing the color personality of your vehicle, you have two options: a vinyl wrap or a paint job. The main difference between a wrap vs paint is that paint is permanent and a vinyl wrap is removable. What kind of makeover you opt for depends on your goals and preferences.

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