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Paint Correction


Cut & Polish

A cut and polish is a common term to refer to paint correction. In essence, the "Cut" is about removing scratches & marks from the paintwork, whilst "Polish" is about restoring gloss. 

Paint Correction is a process of levelling down & polishing automotive paint for the purposes of removing existing defects such as swirls, scratches, oxidation and water spots/etchings - as well as improving the paints gloss, saturation and clarity levels. For those who want the ultimate in long term protection, check out our ceramic coating options. These are an excellent add-on to a cut and polish.

Stage 1 Polish

Have you looked at your paint under the sun and saw a web of swirls scratches or watermarks? that’s what hinders your car from shining.

How did they get there in the first place? The biggest culprit is usually improper washing and drying methods. Automatic car washes, and using low-quality towels or wash mitts can all lead to abrading your paint and installing imperfections.

Protouch has the perfect service for you, we use specific compounds that won’t damage your car’s paint

Car Polish

*$150 Small hatchback, $180 Sedan,Hatchback & small SUV, $210 Seden,Wagon & Mid SUV, $240 Large Wagon,SUV & Ute

Stage 2 Cut & Polish

Protouch Stage 2 paint correction service is aimed to remove swirls, scratches,signwriting residue, tar and imperfections from your paint


This is where we do an intense cutting and polishing step, called a 2-step correction, to get the most gloss and clarity from your paintwork.

*$280 Small hatchback, $320 Sedan,Hatchback & small SUV,$360 Seden,Wagon & Mid SUV,$410 Large Wagon,SUV & Ute

Stage 3 Cut , Polish & Fine

Protouch Stage 3 paint correction service is aimed to turn your car back to "New"


*$390 Small hatchback, $430 Sedan,Hatchback & small SUV,$480 Seden,Wagon & Mid SUV,$530 Large Wagon,SUV & Ute

Car Cut Polish
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